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nDynamics and nParticles in Maya Course

nDynamics and nParticles in Maya Course


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Duration: 30 Hours in Class

nDynamics , is a dynamic simulation framework powered by Maya® Nucleus TM technology. A Maya Nucleus system is composed of a series of Nucleus objects, which consists of nCloth, nParticle, and passive collision objects, as well as dynamic constraints, and a Maya Nucleus solver. The Maya Nucleus solver is stable, capable of handling large data sets, and it provides fast simulation results. The solver works with numerous shapes (like curves, non-manifold geometry, and meshes with holes) within the simulation framework, and its flexibility allows for less obvious nCloth applications, like flower petals or leaves. As part of the Maya Nucleus system, the Nucleus solver calculates simulations, collisions, and constraints in an iterative manner, improving the simulation after each iteration and quickly recovering from each iteration’s failure, to produce accurate behaviour. You can use Maya Fields to influence the behaviour of Nucleus objects. nParticle objects use the same emitter objects that are used with Maya classic particles.

nParticles is a particle generation system that uses Maya® Nucleus™, the same dynamic simulation framework that generates nCloth simulations. An nParticle object can collide and interact with other nParticle objects, as well as with nCloth and passive collision objects. For collisions to occur, all participating objects must be assigned to the same Nucleus solver (nucleus node). As a Nucleus object, nParticles support nConstraints and respond to the internal forces generated by Nucleus solvers.