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Do You Think Graphic Design Job is Dead?

Have you ever heard that sentence? "There are no jobs for the artistic professions".

Somewhat agree with this sentence.

But the reality is not so, and some other aspects must be considered. Let's first say a simple definition of an artist. An artist is someone who has to make something out of nothing that will excite everyone.

The same theme or process makes the artist always drown in the depths of his/her spiritual thoughts and think less about the environment outside his/her own soul. This means that such a person can easily get lost. We all know that art alone doesn’t have a good market, and if we are to become rich through pure and classical art, we must either be geniuses, be born rich from day one, or have influential friends in the community. All of this means there is very little chance of us reaching that level of fame and income. We might be a little more realistic.

As a graphic designer who has spent over 23 years of my life interactively designing - digital marketing - making video games and teaching I must tell you that the job of a graphic designer is dead. But this death is just like jumping from one step to another. Like changing butterflies in cocoons to flying wings.

These wings for flying a graphic designer to another level are;

  • HTML, CSS and some skills in JavaScript coding.
  • 3D programs, like 3ds Max and Maya.
  • Motion graphics (Not Animation)

Okay please don't panic like this. Learning them is very easy and just requires time management and practice, just like everything else. Don’t cry, it is not Rocket Science! All three above items will make you an art engineer. That is what the technology world needs today.

The first case will open the gate of your artistic knowledge to the World of Interactive design. It means you are adding human factors to the boring codes, and this one will lead you to some new jobs like User Interface Designer or User Experience Designer.

The second case will open your mind and thought to three-dimensional design. You already learned a lot about Light, Shadows, Surface, Perspective and all those classic or Theoretical subjects, Now It’s time to touch actual 3D scene and objects in Autodesk 3ds Max or Maya. This skill will lead you to Video Game Design, Animation, 3D Architecture, Rendering and Film and media industries.

The third case is Motion Graphics, even a recent version of Adobe Photoshop (Your BFF) added a timeline to its menu to tell you, “Hey, I can build Video Advertising”. Don’t you see it? If you have time and better mood, Open Adobe After Effect and see how amazing, powerful and easy to use is this software.

Let us briefly summarize today's speech.

All major corporations and organizations desperately need to deal with the three super-smart generations, Millennials, Generation X, and Generation Z. And the only thing left for effective communication with these three generations is visual communication.

And that means more and more need to visual designer to build this conversational bridge between a company's product or service and these three active generations. I think this short article can show you how important is the requirement of a digital graphic designer in the Marketing World.

I am so sorry, I am a teacher, and talkative. I love you all, my students, because of only your non-stop questions forcing me to study and research more and more.

Happy Valentine, February/14/2020