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Importance of Visual Design for Effective Marketing in 2021.

Henry Ford once said, “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” Advertising is an integral part of a successful business. It is not enough to have a good internal operation.

Content creation is one of the biggest challenges facing marketers today.

Even I, as someone who has been involved in digital design for marketing for over 25 years, raises the question of how important it is for a graphic designer to be part of the marketing team. We’ve talked a lot about the value of strong design, how it can improve everything from your content to your bottom line. But design isn’t just about making things pretty; it’s a tool to help you communicate effectively and create a better brand experience. It can even be the key to cultivating a long-lasting relationship with an entire generation. Seriously.

According to consulting firm Altitude, this new generation will account for 40% of consumers by 2020, yet many marketers still find them a mystery. What do they like? What do they care about? How can you make an impression on them? Luckily, research is uncovering interesting insights that can help you better communicate with them, particularly through design.

I leave the answer to this question for the following two pictures ...

Establishes the company name

As mentioned earlier, your design reflects your company. When an attractive and impressionable logo is seen over and over again, it would immediately cause the public to think about your brand. This is especially so for commercials and advertisements that we see every day on different media platforms. When your design is done very well, you would subtly be imprinting your brand into potential customers’ memories and they can easily distinguish your brand.

Improve Sale

If you have a design that is something out of the box and unique, people are more inclined to find out more. The message that is being broadcasted is done more effectively as they would be more attracted to taking the time to understand this unique logo. Additionally, graphic design marketing of items helps to represent the company as one that is reliable and credible. Slowly, a loyal following will develop, and your sales will go up.

Reflects your brand’s message

When done well, your graphic design will be able to be the platform that effectively transfers the message that your company wishes to tell the public and customers. Having a brand message enhances the graphic design for it has more meaning and is useful to the business. Specific colours and typefaces will be chosen to help effectively evoke the intended emotion which translates into the message the brand is trying to communicate to its customers. The presence of a graphic designer can also help to improve the readability of your company’s content that is being created to attract customers. The designer can help you choose the best typeface and colour schemes to help best accomplish this.

Persuasion Power

This is an advantage that comes with graphic design. The design can then be the tool that gets customers thinking about your company and then create a sense of connection to the brand. If you can get customers to associate your design with high-quality products and services, half the battle has already been fought.

Creating Bridge of Trust

Between a company and its customers, there should be a strong relationship. The customers should be able to feel like they can trust your company. This can be done with the help of graphic designs! When there is a good aesthetic value, your customers will have a certain sense of pride and confidence when using your product and services. There is a ‘feel-good’ feeling being evoked and they trust that your company is able to keep up with such a standard and to continue to excel in appealing to their desires and wants. Eventually, this would help you garner a strong and loyal following.

Proud Employees

It is not only the customers’ trust that matters, but the trust of the employees must also be taken into consideration. When you have a graphic design that really stands out and is attractive to the public, it would help the employees to attain some sense of belonging and pride. This could also unite the employees as they would have something in common with one another. With the many items such as brochures, logo, and uniforms an identity if being created within your employees that they are a part of this company too. Happy employees, happy business.

In modern marketing (2021 – 2022), after research, focus and study enough on Neuromarketing, then we should learn how to communicate with Gen Z and Gen alpha! Good design is a great way to communicate who you are, what you’re about, and how you can help Gen Z. Here are nine ways to use design thinking to engage them.

  1. Focus on touchable visual elements on your Ads.
  2. Use 2.5 Dimension objects in your design.
  3. Be clear, simple, colourful, and direct in communication.
  4. Create a cohesive visual identity.
  5. Build a functional design (icons & mobile friendly)
  6. Use design to showcase your values.
  7. Design for diversity and melt it in multiculturalism.
  8. Before any design, deeply focus on UI/UX principles.
  9. Touchable video must be the first priority in Advertising.
  10. Let us to change your revenue.