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Graphic Design Style Trends in 2020.

Design style trends in 2020

The year 2020 started with a lot of strange events. And of course, the sudden and mysterious presence of the coronavirus complicated everything. But with all these tragedies, the important thing is that we must move forward, with hope and with a focus on positive thoughts. I personally did it somehow. Since February 2020, when I sure have to spend more time alone in my office and all my students are online, I have found more time to focus more research and study on design style trends in the first half of this year with RGD and AIGA.

It was an interesting experience and finally, we came up with four very popular styles in the world of graphic design, which I will tell you briefly, maybe you will like it and use them in your new designs.

  • Using light cover shadows on everything or Shadow Overlays. These shades do not have very high contrast and usually go up to 15% grey, but the gradual gradient with a blurred border is the key to its effect. These shadows are producing and emphasizing on two important senses, the first is the depth, the second is the mystery of the work. Everything looks more realistic and the audience finds a better emotional connection with the artwork, and this is one of the newest design style or methods in 2020 that can be seen in many graphic works. The two images below better illustrate my point.

  • One of the difficult tasks in fixed and two-dimensional design is to use the principle of mobility or movement in design. To solve this problem, suspend or float the objects inside the design without considering the gravity. Let the viewer get up in her mind and try to get these objects. Before They Fall. In a way, they add movement to our design, and movement means a sense of playfulness and escape from one point to another. Floated objects with faint shadows leave the question in the viewer's curious mind as to where this element came from and where it will go, and this means inducing energetic and active behaviours for a target audience. Note the following figure.

  • Be sure to add isometric objects to parts of your design. Isometrics not only allow the viewer to see at least three aspects of an object but are also more visually perceptible. The viewer has a better sense of respect and is very effective in creative marketing. Isometric graphic elements are the best example to add to motion graphics products, especially when our target audience is generational-Z or millennial, because they are gamers by nature, and rely only on isometric graphics in 2D online games on their smartphones. Enough I like isometrics in graphic design, I get so excited that I get away from the point. It emanates a modern, futuristic feel perfect for displaying tech products and design. It gives the sense of UI/UX design to viewers. The Google Pixel 4 image below shows the importance of advertising in isometric.

  • Adding 3D objects to 2D advertising works wonders. Nothing is more important and effective than the Z-axis, real light and shadow on fantasy 3D objects. Have you ever wondered why the Adobe research and engineering team is rapidly developing the 3D tools and command of Photoshop? Or why Adobe Dimension is on the market. The reason is very simple, because the 3D world is a real-world, and the 2D world you have been working in for years only works based on our eye’s deception. Playful, whimsical and fun, abstract 3D objects mockups are perfect for telling a story or adding an extra level of excitement or intrigue to your design.
    This style is ideal for drawing out shapes, colours or textures used in any design, and there’s no doubt that it will continue to evolve in alignment with technological advancements. Look at the figure below, as if we are looking for a narrative or story between the components in the scene.

    I hope I wrote a useful article and did not take your time. To some extent, I promise that, if you just add this four style or methods to your daily designs, you will see a revolution in your artworks and your customers will be happier in less than six months.
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Article By: Farid.G.Asad. |. July/17/2020