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When I first started this course i had a bit little knowledge of graphic design going into the course and being in the course for the first 1-2 weeks of class was enjoyable, professional and fast pace because of the excellent instructor (Farid) where he teaches you practical know-how for the graphic designer work environment and helps you learn the necessary skill in a rapid pace to help get ready for the real world situations and helps the tools in the applications that he teaches in an easy and digestible methods. Even for people that have no experience with graphic design but if you're willing to learn things, you will find this course enjoyable and will learn numerous skills in the first weeks on going to the program.

Dorean, 6/May/2019


Farid is an amazing educator. He is careful to pay close attention to each of his students and help in any way he can. Although the pace is quick, he is very clear and easy to understand and I watched in amazement as I and my classmates learned Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Wordpress and 3Ds Max with a high degree of efficacy in only a few short months. Many students had zero experience with any software before our course with Farid. On top of this, Farid is good-humored, creating a welcoming, comfortable learning environment in which we all feel like a friend. I feel that he has helped us grow not just as designers, but as people too.
If you ever have the pleasure to learn from Farid, absolutely take the opportunity. You will not regret it.
Lillian Moon-2018


I can truthfully say I lucked out with this course. I loved the fact that it was very much focused on practical applications; from the first hour you were creating something. Even on the topics with which I had strong familiarity, I learned so many tips that have made me much more confident and efficient.
As for Farid (the instructor), he is clearly knowledgeable and excited about his subject, and he has a teaching style that is both intensive and easy-going at the same time. His teaching methodology also focuses on real-life applications rather than theoretical concepts. It is very conducive to learning. As far as I'm concerned, anything he chooses to teach, I will be first in line to sign up.

Silvana, 2019


Farid is an awesome teacher, I pretty much entered the class with next to no knowledge on the design industry and now I feel well informed. He empowered me with the exact skills necessary to break into the industry and enabled me to compete with people that have years of prior experience. On a side note, Farid is well educated and is an amazing person to talk with about different philosophical views. I highly recommend any course by Farid!

Duane Bromfield- 2018


Farid is the best professor I've ever had, hands-down. His teaching style and interactive approach has enabled me to create designs and 3D models that I've never dreamed I could make on my own. This course has challenged and grew me and has definitely made me smarter. I am glad I can put these new skills on my resume!

Elodie Quetant- 2018


His teaching techniques are superb! I have never had a better instructor with quality lessons and positive energy. I will be referring him to my friends and family and keep in touch throughout my career. Definitely give him a call or message if you want to further your graphic design skills.
Myles Xavier - 2018


Beyond amazing experience being a student of Farid, who brings out the best in his students by creating an atmosphere which enabled me to learn more than I ever imagined in a short time.
Great Teacher!!

Fawaz Lawal- 2018


Farid is an amazing professor, who has taught me a lot in a very short time. Very efficient in his design practices, and highly knowledgeable of software. Truly an inspiring prof, artist, and engineer.

André Singh- 2018


Farid is true a teacher, he cares for his students. To him teaching is more than a job or to help someone, to him is passion, he his wired for that position. The position of showing students the way and helping them to be ready and believe in themselves. For me is 5 out of 5 and highly recommend him.

Ksajdi Designs- 2018


I did not know what to expect before starting the Digital Tech class with Farid, and to be honest, I was blown away! (In a good sense) His approach to teaching is unique and reflects the realities of Digital Technology and Design Industry. Not only that, but he also finds a unique approach for every single one of his students. He's focusing on the weak points of his students, to make them into well-rounded professionals. Every single major assignment that he gives, is tailored to the individual student! I have never been so happy and excited to learn in my entire life (I am 25 years old at the time of this review). If you have even the slightest interest in art, design, digital world, website design, blogging, do yourself a favor and find/contact Farid ASAP. PS Previous experience is not required. Half of the current class never used any of the Adobe Suite or Autodesk applications, and their progress is amazing.

Anton.N January 2018


Farid is an excellent teacher with vast knowledge of the digital tech world which he has so gracefully shared with us all, we are all so lucky to have him as our teacher and see I why he is so beloved. Farid's passion and excitement for the digital tech world definitely rub off on you he makes you want to learn and keep on learning and his method of teaching makes it so easy to understand. Farid is more than just a teacher he is a great mentor and motivator, he goes above and beyond for his student I hope that the people he works for and all his students show him great appreciation and respect because he deserves it.

Thank you, Farid !

Laura Pryce, February 2018


Farid’s enthusiasm and confidence is contagious. His teaching methods are highly effective and backed by years of related experience as an industry professional.

Farid’s ability to talk to and relate with his students makes him feel like a friend as much as a teacher. His desire to transform his students from simply employable people in an ocean of candidates, into valuable assets that stand out amongst the rest, is what makes Farid stand out as a teacher in an ocean of qualified teachers.
I am forever grateful to have Farid as a teacher and a friend, and I believe many students have been waiting or searching for a teacher like him.
Greg, Dykstra


I don't regret ever stepping into Farid's class, honestly, the best class I've ever been to and I've been to a lot. He has a way of making everyone relaxed in his class while teaching. You would know instantly that he cares about giving his students the best training to be the best in digital media in the world. I'm grateful to Farid for his teaching methods or I probably would have lost interest in the class.

John Ayemoba, February 2018


For my whole life I wouldn’t be able to focus in class or last an entire class without skipping it, that’s until I took Farid’s Digital Tech Design course at Pixelman.
Farid is very easy to understand and he keeps me focused and he keeps it interesting. He gives each one of his students one-on-one help if they need it. Farid doesn’t waste any time and teaches us everything we need to know and more about real-world application.
I recommend his courses to anyone that wants to learn about graphics design and digital arts to have a great teacher and learning experience you won’t forget.
Tyler Porter 


First, I want to start by saying a massive thank you to Farid for such ingenuity in his way of teaching and the way he conveys his knowledge of the Digital tech program and also for being an amazing teacher and mentor. Farid doesn't only teach you for teaching sake but this man builds you into the perfect prototype to face any real-world challenge that will come your way in the digital tech industry. It is so unbelievable the number of things I have learned in such a short time. After just 2 weeks in this program with Farid, my perspective changed. Evey poster or ad I see on the streets or on the web I say "I can make that" and all this because of Farid and that I sincerely say thank you.

Joe Karl, 2018


When starting this classes I went in completely blend sighted I had no experience in digital media at all and now I can't believe how much this one individual has taught me in so little time oh my god! Faridism is the way to go. Farid experience, passion and unique technique of teaching have made him by far my best teacher that I have ever had. his comment to see his students to grow and better than him to me that is golden. Anyone who has any interest in digital media I strongly recommend you to allow Farid to be your instructor you wont regret it.

Samantha Simmons, February 2018


Farid, is one of a kind.  His methods of teaching is inspiring, and makes you feel good of the accomplishments that you’ve done. He inspires me to never give up no matter how hard the task may be because with practice, talent reaches to boundaries you would never imagine. Before I started this course I was stuck at a point in my life where I didn’t know if I had it in me to become a better graphic designer, but after having Farid as my teacher I feel more confident I can be that person.


” Let me start by saying Farid’s graphic design class is by far the best courses I have taken ever! I have in the past taken many 6 month, fast paced courses in different career fields and it has always been difficult for me to understand the instructor. Their method of teaching is very hard to follow but Farid’s method is easy to pick up after awhile I can put the pieces altogether.
Trust me when I say this, the technical computer courses I had taken in the past does not compare to Farid’s course, this allows me to have more of an opportunity to excel in my career through my hard work and perseverance. Being a community organizer in the past, going door to door and talking to people face to face, asking them what they would like to see change in the GTA. I noticed young adults have never been given a real opportunity of a career path that lets them earn income through their own hard work and time they put in.
This course gives young adults including myself tools I need or we need to create our own career path towards the computer graphics world which I thought was only a dream or I needed lots of money to learn this kind of professional techniques until I met Farid and learned from him. The knowledge he has to offer is hard to find but it is in demand and is the future job to be in. I did a lot of research and career changes to find out this is the job for me. I only wish it was more visible and more funded through our education system so it would not have taken me this long to find out this course existed.
I am now 25 years old this year, if only this course was available to me earlier. Thank you Farid, I always hear teachers or instructors say they care about the student but you are the only one who shows it. I appreciate this opportunity meeting you and learning as much as I can from you.
Carl Carganilla 


“Farid is a great teacher. He is attentive to each of his students and brings a delightful levity to the classroom that makes me feel more relaxed and able to focus. I’ve learned a lot from him in a short span of time and am honestly astonished that a program like his exists. I hope he never stops teaching and inspiring classrooms full of aspiring web and game designers.
Connor Raymond 


The Ideal Teacher.
Farid is the type of teacher, in my opinion, anyone would be lucky to have. If all teachers in all fields had the same mentality and some form of his stage presence/charisma then class rooms would be, as a whole more interesting.
To elaborate, somewhat anyways. Farid teaches in his spare time which he doesn’t happen to have a lot of just because he enjoys teaching. He fights vigorously on behalf of his students and it is also for these reason that he expects a lot from them as well. Although if you ever need help or need to ask questions (believe me I’ve asked countless) he is always willing to answer them both in the class and in correspondents outside.
If you have any desire to learn 2D or 3D Graphical Design regardless of skill level and you have the chance to study under Farid I implore you to do so. Regardless of the type of person you are or personality you have as long as you are honestly willing to put in the time required to do his work you will not regret your decision.
My class was a very diverse group of individuals both in appearance, background, personality and previous knowledge of computer/art ability.  Farid made the time fly by engaging us in downtime on a plethora of subject matters and being very relatable and approachable which translated to openness during serious teaching moments. And we were amazed at what we were able to create in such a short period of time. This is a testament to his teaching.
Eric Killy 


During My time here in the digital Tech class, I learned a lot here. From working on projects in Adobe Illustrator to working with Images in Adobe Photoshop. Not only that but he is a really funny guy, Making jokes about his experiences, but also making fun of us, though we always could tell he was just having fun, no malicious intents at all. I also learned from him that it’s really hard moving to a new country and only knowing a few words. For the software skills, the best application for me was working and learning in 3ds Max as you could go into a lot of fields from knowing how to create 3d’s models or just working on 3d objects in general.  Since he worked on video games like Assassin Creed Black flag and Syndicate. I would probably take the class again if it meant learning more from him as he has a lot of experience and stories. He is a really good teacher and should be treated as such even though he was harping up about that time I asked for a pizza lunch for the class and said it should be on a day he wouldn’t be able to come in on, if he gets replaced then you guys are pretty big fools for doing so. In the end this is merely my opinion on the matter and I like how much I learned from this class.
Julion Merrick


Farid is an interesting charismatic teacher who strives to help everyone succeed in their goals to become something within the digital technology field. He has a unique approach to teaching which incorporates his humorous side as well as his serious side when need be. He has high standards to push everyone to do their best and yet is reasonable when certain situations arise. All in all, he is a good teacher which we should be thankful to have.

Robert Plewa
December , 2016-2017


“FARID IS : The teacher who: first of all explained material well, in depth but in clear language, not as university indifferent lecturers running in gallope, second, generously marking the students’ work- who try hard, and enabling them to achieve what they deserve, third, not wasting preceous time on silly jokes while there is enough time for more important things:e.g.class discussions,little experiments etc. After all, Farid one of the best teacher I ever had in my whole life.

Zyad Abdullah


Farid Ghasemasad is a nice person. He is a good teacher Farid is such an inspirational kind person when it comes to teaching.  His methods are really effected the sense of his humor, kinds and politeness. Overall, Farid is a good person inside or outside the class.

Hamzat Sualim
December , 2016-2017


When I first started digital tech which is taught by Farid, my computer skills were extremely low, I couldn’t even locate the delete button on the keyboard. However, in matter of two weeks I started to know a lot about coding, Adobe illustrator, adobe Photoshop, and 3D designing. The course outline is very well-structured and the class structured is very friendly and collaborative. our teacher Farid is putting amazing efforts to give us something hands-on and to teach us as much as he can, he is very dedicated to his job and more to his student, he also comes to the class even when his health condition doesn’t allow him to show up, also he provided us with flash drive to all the students in the class from his own pocket, and this is gives us a motive to come to the class every day and perform as best as we can.

Ibrahim Sereer


Farid is a well-rounded experienced educator and he is quite a comedian! He teaches in a way that was direct, fun and easy for us to understand. I would ask a question and not feel like it was “stupid” because he wanted us to be and feel confident. He translates design application to vocal and written very well which I think is tricky thing. It’s hard not to pay attention in Farid’s lectures because of his strong voice and just his passion for his craft.

Wolsely Gooden 



I would like to thank you for the experience, the knowledge and the time, you have given me in the last couple of weeks. I’ve learned to draw, plan and design my future through the whole program and I’m going with these know-hows  to track my way in this beautiful country as you mentioned it to me. Despite your language barriers you’ve taught and made me to laugh about your experiences. Therefore these situations gave me the initiations to ignite my path of success and I’ll hold to these in the future to remember you.

Thanks again and I wish you all the best in your life.

Bereket T. Gebrekirstos
December 2016-2017


I had several graphic computer classes with Farid couple of years ago. I satisfy with his teaching and his effort very much. He was so detail oriented and well organized at classes. His creativity and inspiration is spectacular. I strongly recommend him as a proffessional and talented teacher and designer.


My story in digital media world began when I saw Farid’s professional and fascinating art works in his facebook page. I was in 3rd year of my computer engineering studies and I decided to join Farid’s classes besides my heavy work load at school. So far it has been a great journey; Farid is an inspirational instructor who recognized my strengths. Although I didn’t have any strong background in art I improved my skills and visual imagination with Farid’s help. He taught me how we can create astonishing designs by simply paying attention to details of our surroundings. Farid is a very knowledgeable and talented instructor yet he is very friendly. He makes sure lessons are interesting and increasingly challenging so that the student can improve without getting bored. His lessons are structured and fun whilst getting real results with his clear teaching method and skills. He shared lots of his valuable experiences that he gained throughout the years. In my opinion he is example of the best that an independent teacher can offer.


My name is Nazli Dourodian. I have taken courses with Mr Farid. I am learning a lot from him. He is a very intelligent teacher. His classes are both challenging and fun to be in. I feel the way he teaches helps me to understand the material more clearly. He is a helpful teacher. I greatly recommend him as a skilled and expert teacher”



There aren’t really any words to describe how wonderful Farid is. he’s not just a teacher, but a friend who guide you through every step and patiently witnesses your progress. his teaching techniques are simple but informative. he inspired one to look within them to discover their intuition, creativity, and artistic capabilities in the world of art and 3D designs.”



My name is Alireza Afshar and I am a designer. If I want to name a teacher who impacted most on my life and job, I have to mention Mr.  Farid Ghasemasad. He was an exceptionally talented teacher who provided his students with a stimulating, challenging and fun program. I had a Macromedia course with him, when for about a year; we learned Freehand, Fireworks, Flash, and Dreamweaver.
Ali Reza Afshar


I recently became Farid’s student, and I strongly believe that He knows what he doing.Trustful teacher with strong vasted information in integration between still & motion graphics for professional industries.
He is an expert to transfer knowledge to his students.I love his teaching methods. powerful and simple.
Kiarash Akbarpour


I started learning about graphic design by attending one of Farid’s classes about 10 years ago. He is a patient teacher and a brilliant designer and his classes are always not only highly informative but also fun. I strongly recommend him as an outstanding designer and a great teacher.
Golssa Samiei


I am very satisfied with this class a lot and learned valuable time that I owe all that I just had to master and He patiently, plenty of lessons to Maya software taught me. Thank you for the learning of this software to me a good income Now I’m acquiring this ability.
Eilnaz Vahmian


I had the privilege of attending a course of Macromedia web design with Farid a couple of years ago. His classes were very challenging still fun to be in. I loved his teaching method as he was lively, creative, and encouraging as well as demanding .
I strongly believe that he is not only a highly professional designer but a greatly talented instructor.


If i want to say something about one of a person who inspire me, first of all i should say HE’S TRULY A FRIEND ! So, you’ll enjoy of the class, and also i can mention the best things of all during my studies was that I was able to work and gain a great working experience in every sessions…His class is full of new experience and fun as well.. It’s definitely worth to give it a try!


I took  web design and graphic courses with Farid 8 years ago in Iran. He does not teach art, he lives with art. Farid is the instructor who made me to discover my intuition, my creativities, artistic capabilities and in a word, the philosophy of life, on and back of the Flash and Illustrations’ scenes; as I believe art and philosophy are two completive wings of life.
Farid is smart enough to know how applies his tricky training method to improve his students’ creative potentials towards flourishing. He is a helpful, sympathetic, and active teacher who bestows his professional experiences on his students generously. We had a lot of fun with his great presence in all the classes; nevertheless I always admire his discipline, organizing the students’ challenges for an instructive and exciting competition together.
I always believe: Farid is one of the competent humans who has discovered his inner god. We can easily find out it in his great animations’ world.
Narcis Shaghaghi


I am Rana Safaian and I started learning about graphic design by attending one of Farid’s classes about 7 years ago. He is a patient teacher and a brilliant designer and his classes are always not only highly informative but also fun. I strongly recommend him as an outstanding designer and a great teacher.
In Farid’s Classes, You will find how to learn deeply the details of Softwares.
Raana Safaeyan


Taking a part in Farid’s class has been an extremely positive experience. He did a great job for me! Teaching lessons  are  exactly what we want and his method in teaching  made every step of the process simple. Every question was answered quickly and he walked us through the process of designing and help us each step of the way.
He is extremely personable and has taken the time to get to know students ability and talent both personally and professionally, Therefore I found his Teaching  friendly with warm atmosphere to be comforting and reassuring.
The end result of his classes has exceeded our expectations on every level, So I want to express my appreciation for the wonderful job that he did for me!
Mehraneh Davari


People who know me always say that in matter of time and money I am very picky. As a 42 years old guy who worked in different fields of jobs for years, I suddenly realized that I’m wasting both of them. Since I was 20 I knew that I don’t like continuing software programming but I didn’t have enough self confidence to switch to the field I’ve always loved. Art.
Finding Farid Ghsemasad was a good luck for me not just because he is a great teacher but because he has a kind heart and a bright mind and most importantly he is the person who activated that talent I’ve always had and never used it in a right way. Mehdi Ghatta


Hi. My name is Minoosh Mohaghegh and I’m a graphic and web designer. I have to say that all the success that I have in my professional life I owe it to my master and teacher Mr.Ghasem Asad. He is a very talented and hardworking teacher. He teaches all the knowledge he has to his students generously. I try my best to keep in touch with him to learn more new things. If I want to describe him in a short and complete way, I would say “He is the best teacher ever”. Minoosh Mohaghegh


I took a graphic course with Mr.Ghasem asad about 7 years ago.Honestly,it was a great class with a great teacher. He knows everything about teaching and also his classes are  informative and interesting.I loved his personality. He’s not only a teacher,but also a reliable friend.I recommend his classes to anyone who are interested in digital arts and graphics.
Maryam Mahdavi alashti


In 2003 I passed the Macromedia course for Multimedia and also web design with Mr.farid Ghasem Asad in Isiran Institute. Which courses were really useful. He had a good behavior with his students and it becomes to a good relationship, and I am in touch with him yet. Negotiation about any title is one of his most favorite traits.
Mohammad Reza Noorshid


I’ve been very interested in 3d animation and decided to work on MAYA in 2004. At first it seemed to be very difficult to learn, but fortunately I chose to take an animation course that was offered by Mr. Ghasemasad. It was very interesting and efficient. The class was fun and the Maya was cracking so easily. I really enjoyed it very much.
Mr. Ghasemasad is very professional. His class is inspiring and you will never get bored. I look forward to learn from him again. Farbod Hesaaraki


Hi there, I was one of his students. I am so thankful because of many things he thought us.
We always had happy time in his classes. The intimate relationship between his students is steel strong. We miss him so much. He managed a healthy competition among us that improve our skills. Also, he introduced many good books, articles and samples that help us to learn better.
Sanaz Ayoubi


Hello everyone, I was one of his students in MACROMEDIA course. I should say he is one of the best teachers I ever had. Do you know why? Because not only he knows the software well (as most of the teachers), but also knows how to say and how to motivate his students to study and try more to learn (like just a few of teachers).
At the end I should say if time goes back, definitely I join to his class again and even try to have more classes with him. Reza Aboutalebi


Farid is definitely one of the best instructors I have ever had. He is an expert in all the new techniques and requires to become an excellent digital artist.
His methods of teaching makes the material very easy to follow and understand .Indeed it was an great experience being tough by him and He is an outstanding instructor.
Negin Saber


Attending in Mr. Ghasem asad classes was really a different experience for me because his teaching method was brimful of innovation and creativity. He tries to create creativity in his student’s mind & compassionately explain all small and main points for students. In a word, i enjoyed his classes.
Hani Firooz Jang