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About Us

Welcome to The Pixelman Education, the industry leader in professional training for designers, digital Marketers and artists in the entertainment and design industries. Founded by Farid Ghasemasad in 2006,

Pixelman Education was launched as a means to share professional techniques with artists who could not attend the hands-on courses offered at many colleges.

Pixelman Ltd. is not registered as a Private Career Colleges Under The PCC Act, 2005, but all courses are pre-screened by The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities in Ontario, CANADA under the name of Pixelman Ltd.

Pixelman Ltd. deliver progress-focused education and training across a wide range of disciplines to 1283 graduated part-time students since 1995 ( Out of Canada ) and since 2006 in Canada, Our courses blend theoretical and practical hands-on learning. Pixelman LTD. will prepare additional techniques for your knowledge and skills in some parts of advanced computer applications.

We are not only offering beginner to the advanced short program to anyone interested in our courses but also making them ready for the real industry by involving them in another branch of Pixelman LTD. called Pixelman Marketing ( which is offering Digital Marketing in industries.

By registering in any of the courses, you can receive both a graduate certificate and internship volunteer experience in the related field.


Prof. Farid.G.Asad