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Maya Polygon Modelling Course

Maya Polygon Modelling Course


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Duration: 30 Hours in Class

Low-Poly Modeling Course is used to describe a polygon mesh in 3D computer graphics which has a small number of polygons. It is, however, a relative term, usually referring to other meshes in the same computer game or rendered scene. The term low poly is used in both a technical and a descriptive sense; the number of polygons in a mesh is an important factor to optimize for performance but can give an undesirable appearance to the resulting graphics. Polygon meshes are one of the major methods of modelling a 3D object for display by a computer. Polygons can, in theory, have any number of sides but are commonly broken down into triangles for display. In general, the more triangles in a mesh the more detailed the object is, but the more computationally intensive it is to display. In order to decrease render times (i.e. increase frame rate) the number of triangles in the scene must be reduced, by using low poly meshes.

In this short course, you will learn how to create standard Lowpoly objects for Game Engines like Unity3D, or Torque.

Our student sample in-game modelling.