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Digital Nature Course (Vue)

Digital Nature Course (Vue)


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The whole course is 30 hours, but each student is only allowed to enrol in the first stage for only 10 hours. Students cannot apply for a Certificate until 30 hours have elapsed.

Digital Nature Course (VUE) is computer software which can help you to produce real nature, from forest to sea, Trees and Mountains.

I’m pretty sure, You watched the Avatar movie at least once, there is no doubt that James Cameron made another masterpiece. But do you know one of the most effective parts of that Film was its digital nature or natural environment in Pandora?

It was a very strong mixed between Autodesk Maya & VUE. In this short course, we will teach you how to make realistic nature and render it by G.I (Global Illumination) and Final Gathering in both applications.

This Video is a professional sample of digital nature in computer animation.

Vue is a 3D scenery generator software package. It is used for the creation, animation, and rendering of natural 3D environments. Vue is available in six versions: xStream, Infinite, Complete, Pro Studio, Esprit, and Pioneer [1]. xStream and Infinite have the same feature set, but Infinite is a standalone program, while xStream is designed to be used from within 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, LightWave, Maya, and Softimage. The rest are standalone programs with progressively-reduced feature sets. Vue’s atmospheric engine is available separately as Ozone [2]. E-on offers Personal Learning Editions of xStream, Infinite, and Ozone. They are fully functional but are restricted to non-commercial use and all renders carry a watermark. In this course, you will learn how to create 3D digital nature same as a fantastic scene in Avatar movie in Pandora. You will make professionally Trees, Mountains, River, Ocean, atmosphere, Plants and several digital natures for Film, and Video Game industries.