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Copywriting [Content for Marketing]

Copywriting [Content for Marketing]


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In the Marketing process, one of the main indexes that can increase your organic traffic is perfect content. Pixelman is writing all contents based on the A.I.D.A system with full approval from Google editorials and Google developer cosole.

7 reasons, You need great contents:

1. Google is mainly interested in quality content

2. It’s all about being in the moment

3. Content increases traffic and it increases conversions. Fact.

4. Your brand needs to be elevated, else it will sink.

5. Long-tail keywords, You need to target long-tail keywords. As Google evolves, it’s easier for people to type in phrases that include much more specific requests. And because searchers are being more specific and intentional, rather than just browsing, then long-tail keywords often convert better. When you think that around 70% of searches are long-tail according to Moz, using these keywords is a powerful way to attract visitors to your site through content that closely matches their search intent.

6. Great Backlinks, Backlinks matter. In fact, according to Authority Hacker backlinks are still the number #1 SEO technique. Ok, but backlinks are easy to get right? Right. But it’s no good using a dodgy links registry – they haven’t worked for years. It’s more about having high authority sites publish your good quality content. It’s as simple as that. The authority of sites that link to yours will either amplify or reduce your own ranking with Google.

7. People Love to share, People will always want to share great content that they think their friends and followers will want to see. Producing quality content that people want to share can also help you rank better in a roundabout way. It’s not as straightforward as getting more links. But, the more an article is shared, the more exposure it gets and the more likely it will get onto the radar of influential authority websites that will link back.