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Cinema 4D for Motion Graphics Course

Cinema 4D for Motion Graphics Course


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Duration: 30 Hours

The whole course is 30 hours, but each student is only allowed to enrol in the first stage for only 10 hours. Students cannot apply for a Certificate until 30 hours have elapsed.

Cinema 4D for Motion Graphics Course is one of the most popular skills and technique in motion graphics.

Rendering Motion Graphics for After Effects demonstrates how to take a simple logo animation in CINEMA 4D and transform it into a compelling motion graphic with After Effects, incorporating two distinct visual styles. Starting with a prebuilt animation rendered from CINEMA 4D, author Rob Garrott employs industry-standard techniques, utilizing materials, lights, and the library of effects in After Effects, to enhance the project’s look and feel. Exercise files accompany the course.

One of the most popular reasons that We must know C4D is its integration with Adobe After Effects as the biggest software in motion graphics and TV commercials.