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A Wrong term called graphic designer!

Multimedia Engineer is an employed graphic designer.

Graphic designers are looking for jobs,

In general terms, a graphic designer is someone who can convey a message to the viewer visually and based on the original purpose and design principles. This is perhaps the simplest definition that can be given to a graphic designer.

But in the real world of jobs and business, such a person is somewhat useless, even with a mountain of artistic information and skills. It may have been before, but not today. How many real companies do you know that want to hire you and just ask you to design a logo or poster or flyer? Most of them expect more from you.

For example, they ask you to make your illustration isometric. Or optimize layers in Illustrator and Photoshop for motion graphics to make final rendering easier and faster. Sometimes you may be asked to create 2D files for 3D objects in software such as Max or Maya.

Graphic designers are usually employed in five types of companies: 1. Marketing companies. 2. Advertising companies that are still part of the marketing subsystem. 3- Computer game production companies. 4. Media such as magazines, newspapers and television networks. 5- Film and animation production institutes.

All five places where a graphic designer may be hired indicate that a graphic designer must have enough knowledge and skill in Web design, motion graphics, programming skills, like HTML and CSS, and basic level knowledge of 3D software’s and their natures. Finally, have the principles of marketing and social media.

Such a version of the graphic designer can easily find a Mid/High-income job by having a good online portfolio.

In the last three months of 2019, the average income of a graphic designer in the United States is between $ 38,500 and $ 83,000 a year, according to the U.S. Department of Labor's website.

So we come to the conclusion that anyone who has been able to work in one of these trends is an art engineer, not a graphic designer. Perhaps phrases such as multimedia designer or multimedia engineer are a better and more meaningful term for the job. On the other hand, we send our main message to the graphic designer to use the artistic and design information that you have obtained so far as the main foundation of multimedia products.

Multimedia Engineer is an employed graphic designer.

My 25 years of experience working and teaching in all five digital design arts shows that a successful graphic designer is someone who dares to learn other branches of art, technology and Marketing. Usually, entering these five branches of our job requires investing time and money.

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