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What to do with kids who play computer games too much?!

Let's turn their intense interest into a money-making job.

Between 2015 to 2018, the Pixelman Educational-Research Institute decided to focus on children who spend more than five hours a day playing digital games. (Digital games include computers, mobiles, tablets, fixed consoles, and mobile consoles).

The research system is done in the form of HCI (Human-Centered- Interaction) and its combination with human's social psychology, and I, as a senior member of IGDA and college Professor for over 25 years has also been part of the research team.

I present to you the summary of this research, both positive and negative:

No one in the range of people surveyed can engage their brain cells for more than three hours a day in response to a computer game's predefined commands, because the brain's social function will be limited to the few commands and reactions practiced in the game.

In most cases, a person who plays more than five hours a day is isolated and non-social, and his or her level of expectation from the community and relatives is higher than other groups and always needs help in all cases.

They generally do not have a good relationship with nature and environmental cycles, because, for example, they can repair the damages by hitting a few clicks from the keyboard in games, and generally do not need to apologize when their error is compensated so quickly.

Creativity and innovation of their mind are gradually lost and in real-life relationships with others are limited to the instructions practiced in the game and generally among friends and acquaintances people are bored and tasteless and fewer people are attracted to them.

Their speed of reaction to social risks is very high and this is a positive aspect of a gamer because they always know how to save themselves, on the other hand, they become timid because of this type of practice and experience less exciting and dangerous routes. And they are not risky.

If you are the parent of such children, I recommend you encourage your child to stay away from the game for at least two hours a day and do physical activities, sports or physical work in public, not individually.

A Gamer must use his/her creativity and, for example, paint with a crayon for half an hour a day, even better if he draws and paints the same characters in the game.

Since Game Designer and Game Developer are two of the most important and highest in-demand jobs today, and with the presence of the post-Corona period, the need for Interactive products and processes in the web platform will most likely increase, it's not bad from now on learn to create a Game or Interactive product, not only play them.

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