The Powerful Digital Presence

The world of computer games and its role in the world to come.

The world of computer games and its role in the world to come.

In a computer game, there is a beautiful and three-dimensional environment, such as houses, trees, markets and all the other objects that we see around.

There is a character in our control and we order him to do whatever he wants for us, and it's basically our digital version or spirit inside the game environment. And a simple, small coding written between our minds and our digital version that transmits commands between the real person and the digital person.

So with that in mind, if we can implement and display this spirit or our operational mindset in any digital environment, then there should be no restrictions on our online presence in any environment.

This ability, which is the sum of the collaboration of art, engineering and coding operations, will be the future of the whole world, whether economically, socially or scientifically, sooner or later everything will be a computer game.

Right now, when we shop at Amazon's online store, we're basically running a computer game whose main character is us, and in a place or game environment called Amazon, we're running search codes and buying a keyword.

As for online classes, the situation is the same as sending our real mind and soul to a place far away from our real body to study.

Soon all businesses, jobs and technologies will become an advanced interactive game between the user and the environment, and we must be prepared for this big change from today.

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